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WyoLink is a statewide digital trunked VHF P-25 compliant public safety communications system designed to coordinate and integrate communications between state, local, and federal public safety agencies.

Whether the need is for state troopers to access data such as driver's records, for firefighters to obtain location maps for fire response, or for the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security to respond to hazmat spills, all network users have one thing in common. They need a communications system that offers uncompromising quality and reliability. They need a system that provides comprehensive coverage of their service area, regardless of terrain or density.

The primary concern of public safety agencies is the safety and protection of Wyoming citizens. The greater the crisis and the more dire the consequences, the more Wyoming public safety agencies need an efficient, coordinated response. Police respond with front line rescues, chase criminals and drunk drivers at high speeds across the interstate, and apprehend drug dealers in methamphetamine labs. Fire and emergency medical personal supply rescue and damage control. To effectively aid the public, these agencies must function as a team. First responders need real-time communication to get the job done. Emergencies
rarely respect geographic boundaries or jurisdictions. Public safety agencies from every level of service state, local and federal need day-to-day interoperability to be able to talk to one another.

"Communications interoperability is a must for the citizens of Wyoming.
A statewide radio system will involve many different kinds of entities having
a voice in the on-going operation of the system. It is critical that we form a governance structure that will endure."

- Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM)


State Agencies:
A statewide system delivers superior wireless communications and greater cost-effectiveness by allowing other public safety agencies to participate in your system.
Municipal and County Agencies:
Participating in the statewide public safety system delivers local control and affordability while providing a link to other agencies.
Federal Government Departments:
WyoLink enables coordination with state and local resources during day-to-day operations, mutual aid situations, and task force deployments.
Citizens of Wyoming:
Reliable communications between public safety agencies means that the right resources will be in place at the right time to provide the protection and security the citizens of Wyoming expect.